Dax Savage is an artist and craftsman based in Los Angeles, known for creating handmade sculptural baskets and light fixtures. His unique pieces are made from a blend of natural materials such as antlers, wood, rope, stones, and leather. Dax combines ancient weaving techniques with modern technical skills to give a fresh twist to functional art objects.

Growing up in the rural landscapes and mountains of Idaho, Dax draws inspiration from animals and nature, which has significantly influenced his artistic journey. His creations resonate with both art enthusiasts and nature lovers due to their captivating and soulful essence.

Dax’s work celebrates human ingenuity and individuality as he veers away from mass-produced items and embraces a return to the basics. This ethos imbues his pieces with a sense of uniqueness and character that sets them apart. Being a self-taught, multi-skilled craftsman with a background in jewelry design, Dax occasionally incorporates these elements into his work, adding an extra layer to each piece.

Dax’s sculptural baskets comprise custom pieces for residences, commercial spaces, and private collections.

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