The OCHRE WILD collection showcases a captivating array of rugs, crafted in Bengal using ancient techniques and natural dyes. Every OCHRE WILD rug is meticulously handcrafted, from the initial yarn-making and dyeing process to the intricate weaving and finishing touches. Both the Indo-Tibetan and flat-weave Dhurrie rugs are made with a diverse selection of fibers and natural dyes, resulting in a harmonious display of colors and textures reminiscent of a painter’s masterpiece.

All the raw fibers used in OCHRE WILD rugs are sourced directly from local farmers, ensuring a direct and ethical supply chain. The cultivation methods employed by these farmers are organic, devoid of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. By combining organic natural dyes with hand-spun raw organic fibers, the rugs exhibit vibrant and lively colors. The absorption of the vegetable dye varies across different fiber types, resulting in captivating variations in depth and hue. Throughout the natural dyeing process, the master craftsmen rely on ancient recipes, continuously refining and adjusting them to achieve the remarkable spectrum of OCHRE WILD colors.

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OCHRE WILD integrates an assortment of natural fibers into their handmade rugs, including jute, Ghicha silk, hemp, and ramie. Each rug is a one-of-a-kind creation, embodying sustainable practices and a profound connection to our shared Earth.