Patrick Weder is a celebrated furniture and lighting designer best known for his refined, handcrafted cabinetry made from walnut, maple, and concrete. His choice of wood is a vital part of each design. He considers the wood grain and texture and how they relate to his concept for the final design. Swiss-born, Weder has great passion for nature and the environment; his designs maintain a focus on sustainability and are built to endure over time.

Based in Brooklyn, Weder launched his own studio in 2001. Blending architectural sophistication with organic sculptural forms, he challenges traditional boundaries of functional design by developing original sculpting techniques using accessible materials such as concrete and paper.

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Weder’s Honeycomb Light Sculpture Collection is a labor of love made from wire and paper, with a building process that requires extreme detail and patience. Large sculptures take over 300 hours to form. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and created by Weder in his Brooklyn studio.