Modern Luxury Interiors – February 2023

February 2023 Edition of Modern Luxury Interiors

For our first issue of 2023, we asked you, our readers, to vote for the SoCal showrooms, interior designers, architects, landscape experts and more that make up your own best-of lists. I’m excited to say that some of my own personal favorites–like the new Coup D’Etat design showroom shown above–made the cut.


When it opened its Los Angeles design gallery last year, San Francisco-based Coup D’Etat ( introduced the city to its beautifully curated and imaginative range of offerings. Here, president and creative director Darin Geise shares the gallery’s unique philosophy and cherry-picks standout talent from the City of Angels and beyond.

“But Coup D’Etat has a unique approach. Our assortment is eclectic but highly curated. It’s not all one note. We layer different aesthetics and viewpoints. We strive to constantly surprise, and our presentation is highly contemplative… When you’re in the showroom, I want you to feel exhilarated. You might not be able to put your finger on the exact reason you are moved by our space, buy you will feel an undeniable energy. Our galleries have a heartbeat and a soul. A client comes in and sits on a super rare chair, puts their feet up on a $100,000 cocktail table and falls in love with a Native American Apache basket. Oh wait, is that a 65 million-year-old brachylophosaurus foot? Yes, it is.” –Darin Geise

Kapama by Leslie Nix

Eve Chair by Edwin Maldonado

Stratum Dining Table by Chuck Moffit

With multiple rooms and vignettes, the gallery offers a wonderful sense of discovery. The “Secret Room” houses pieces from Christopher Boots, Damian Jones, Leslie Nix, Douglas Fanning, Jocelyn Marsh and Elan Atelier.

Rivet Cocktail Table by Damian Jones

The Poodle by Kalliopi Lydaki

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mirror by Jocelyn Marsh for COUP STUDIO

OUTSIDE IN Sculpture by Patrick Weder

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