Ceramic Fish Installation by Kalliopi Lydaki


Kalliopi Lydaki was born in 1963 in Athens, Greece. She began studying art as a young adult, focusing on pictorial arts and sculpture in the atelier of the Greek painter Jiorgos Vogiatzis in Athens. During a trip to Crete, she met the ceramicist, Alda Reis. Inspired by the work in Alda’s studio, she began training in ceramics, eventually opening an atelier in Chania, Crete, creating sculptures in porcelain and stoneware at high temperatures. In 2012, she moved her atelier permanently to Florence and started working on a “light art” collection, dedicating herself to making creations in porcelain and clay with glazes made from precious metals. These small ceramic sculptures have inspired her to create large wall installations of different sizes and orientations, enhancing their three-dimensionality by playing with color and light.

Ceramic fish installation in a gold luster glaze.

Diameter (As Shown): 84″ Dia x 5″ D Approx.


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