Mounted Brachylophosaurus Canadensis Foot

– Brachylophosaurus canadensis – Judith River Formation
– Phillips County, Montana
– 100% Complete
– Mount approximately 75cm / 29.5in

TE-185 was discovered in a high sandy bank in 2012 in the Judith River formation of Phillips County, Montana. The fine sands preserved the material exceptionally well including a patch of preserved skin discovered on the underside of the first three digits below metatarsal III.

This right foot was found with all three metatarsals articulated and closely associated digits and unguals, all of which were recovered. The metatarsals have been left articulated for the mount but are re- movable for closer study. Each digit and ungual can safely be removed from the mount including the three digits which contain preserved skin impressions, which can be removed as a single piece.

TE-185 is fully prepared and exhibition ready.

Price Upon Request.

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