CB-630 Pebble Lounge_Raw Oak_BassamFellows_01

Pebble Lounge Armchair by BassamFellows


The BassamFellows Pebble Collection was inspired by a single simple pebble. Architect, Craig Bassam found himself returning again and again to a small, pleasingly shaped pebble he had picked up while walking on the beach on Cape Cod. It had been sitting on his desk for some time and served as a kind of organic stress ball – something tactile and pleasing to turn around in his hand, but also to inspire visually, like a kind of incidental, miniature Henry Moore. The Pebble Padded Stool, which harks back to the object that still sits on Craig Bassam’s desk, went through numerous changes in the upholstery detailing with as few seams as possible.

Pebble Lounge Armchair Dimensions: 17 3/4″ W x 14 1/8″ D x 19 5/8″ H | SH: 17 5/8″
Item Number: CB-630

Wood: Solid Oak, Solid Walnut
Finish: Ebonized Black Lacquer on Oak, Raw Effect Lacquer on Oak, Hand Rubbed Natural Oil on Oak or Walnut, or Hand Rubbed Black Oil on Walnut

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