Relics Ottoman by konekt + Cameron Welch

Relics is a collaboration by artist Cameron Welch and furniture design studio konekt. Welch reinterprets the playful, dynamic nature of konekt’s Thing Collection, merging his distinct mosaic work and materials with konekt’s signature horse hair pieces. Relics is a limited edition series of eight pieces, each with a unique composition.

Welch employs material process and aesthetic to develop a narrative greater than the sum of its parts. Each mosaic composition seems to suggest a recounted myth, often embedded with culturally significant materials.

Dimensions: 24” Dia. x 16” H

Materials: Ceramic | Porcelain | Glass | Spray Paint | Oil | Acrylic on Wood | Polished Chrome on Brass | Cowhide (on Select Pieces) | Velvet | Horse Hair

Price Upon Request.

ONE-OF-A-KIND This is a one-of-a-kind artisan/artist series, in stock and available now.
Photography shown may reflect different finishes/fabric/dimensions from what is currently available.
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