Scimitar Bench

Scimitar Bench by Refractory

United States

The ethos of the Scimitar series embraces rigor, wear, and time by referencing the hard-worn artifacts and bygone aspects of the frontier. Saddles, bridles, and hides are considered. Each work bears the mark of its making but also the marks of possession, the way it is worn, rendering an utterly personal sculpture unto itself – and again over time.

A single continuous cast bronze form, the Scimitar Bench exhibits fragments of North American bison hide texture on its surface. Also available as smooth without hide texture.

Dimensions: 66″ W x 17.75″ D x 16.5″ H
Item Number: UO-R-SCI.BN.01

Weight: 231 lbs

Cast Bronze: Artefact | Cinder | Jet Black | Muslin | Natural | Otter | Polished | Silver Dollar | Wishbone

Polished underside option.

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