Chuck Moffit WEB_TOPO XX002

TOPO XX002 by Chuck Moffit

United States

Southern California-based artist and furniture designer Chuck Moffit creates work that marries time-honored techniques with innovative mechanics. His collections balance brutalist processes while incorporating delicate details. Moffit creates his pieces out of glass, steel, bronze, and leather, but is not confined by these materials and is engaged in experimenting with unexpected elements. His work often blurs the lines between art and functional furniture.

Bronze finned plate sculpture. One of a Kind.

Dimensions: 19” W x 11” D x 2” H
Item Number: AC-MOFFIT-TOPO-XX002

Price Upon Request.

IN STOCK This item is currently in stock, and on display at one of our two locations (San Francisco | Los Angeles). Can also be made to order.

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