California Home + Design – October 2022

Article copied from California Home + Design. You can read the original article here.

In addition to pieces from artisans around the world, from California to Brooklyn to Wales, the shop also sells its own line, COUP STUDIOS. From Infinite Butterflies: Thousands and Hundreds, a mesmerizing mirror created in collaboration with Jocelyn Marsh, to buoyant Sea Urchin pendant, the sensual Maverick Console and Mekong coffee table and the voluptuous Biomorphic Sofa Grand (recently featured in this award-winning project by Legaspi Courts Design) these staple, captivating pieces perfectly illuminate Geise’s playful, sensuous and welcoming vision of home.

To illustrate this attitude for its customers, the showroom creates “Coup Editions”, reimagining the showroom floor several times a year. Pieces are arranged in cozy groupings that seamlessly integrate vintage, COUP STUDIO and highly-crafted works that mimic how they might actually be used in a client’s home.

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