10 Bulb Chandelier_Daniel Shapiro_01

10 Bulb Chandelierby Daniel Shapiro

United States

The 10-bulb Chandelier is hand-built in Shapiro’s studio and features an illuminated globe at its base surrounded by nine recessed bulbs. Each of the bulb’s housings is conceptualized as characters and is sculpted and positioned to create relationships with one another. Upon closer inspection, emotions such as empathy, confusion, loneliness, and jealousy, among others, can be spotted within the sculpture.

The nine lighting housings are lustered with 24k gold, producing a beautiful warm glow that casts light in surprising ways on the surrounding ceiling and walls.

Dimensions: 16″ D x 16” H
Item Number: LC-DS-CHNDLR

Materials: Stoneware, Glaze, Gold Luster, Glass and Electrical Components

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