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Circle Sconce by Daniel Shapiro

United States

At the center of the Circle Sconce is an unglazed, over-fired stoneware dome, proudly displaying the raw materials that create the piece. The rough, unglazed dome is contrasted with smooth, glazed tubing that encircles the sconce, creating a poetic contrast of raw and polished surfaces. The ends of the tubes are capped by two ceramic light housings containing recessed candelabra bulbs.

The bulbs cast warm, indirect light on the wall and the piece itself, making it the perfect bedside lamp. The Circle Sconce is available in custom finishes and sizes and can be wired with or without a cord.

Dimensions:: 15.5” W” x 6.5” D x 16.5” H
Item Number: LW-DS-CCL-SCNC

Materials: Stoneware, Glaze and Electrical Components

Price Upon Request.

MADE TO ORDER This item is made to order.
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