Diamond Ring by Christopher Boots


Circles have had supernatural resonance since Antiquity, embodying concepts of continuity and completion. The magic ring draws power from its circular shape, an unbreakable border that both contains and concentrates energy.

In DIAMOND RING, quartz crystals appear to have bloomed from a circular frame. The crystalline growth radiates like magical residue, following the inward and outward flow of circular energy. Like an exploded geode, DIAMOND RING reveals the mysteries of nature.

450 Dimensions: 17.7” Dia. x 5.1” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.450

600 Dimensions: 23.6” Dia.x 5.1” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.600

900 Dimensions: 35.4” Dia. x 5.1” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.900

1200 Dimensions: 47.2” Dia. x 5.7” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.1200

1500 Dimensions: 59” Dia. x 5.7” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.1500

1800 Dimensions: 70.9” Dia. x 5.7” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.1800

2100 Dimensions: 82.7” Dia. x 5.7” H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-DR.2100

Quartz Options: Clear Quartz | Gradient Quartz

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