Furry Gamma Table_Daniel Shapiro_01

Furry Gamma Table by Daniel Shapiro

United States

The Furry Gamma Table is hand built in Shapiro’s studio with California Stoneware. It stands nearly 24” tall and is the perfect size table to accompany a couch or chair. At first glance the table appears to be covered in a soft hair texture, upon further inspection it’s revealed the hair texture is actually made of clay.

This illusion is achieved by a unique proprietary technique developed by Shapiro. The Furry Gamma table is available in various finishes and custom sizes and is open for commission.

Dimensions:: 20″ Dia. x 23.25″ H
Item Number: TS-DS-FRR-GMM

Materials: Stoneware

Price Upon Request.

MADE TO ORDER This item is made to order.
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