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Mantis Lounge Chair by BassamFellows


Inspired by the noble praying mantis, the signature stance and powerful limbs of this chair offers a study in contrasts. Strong and elegant, sharp and curved, thick and thin — the Mantis is sturdy and solid, yet visually light. Designer Craig Bassam conceived the chair to be a new American classic, an object that possessed measurable gravitas and wasn’t overly indebted to the classic dining chairs associated with mid-century Europe. From certain angles, the Mantis Lounge Chair feels almost like a piece of sculpture. Carved entirely from solid wood, it is a new alternative to the classic and indestructible courthouse chair. Unlike many of its predecessors, however, comfort is at the forefront, with a commodious, ergonomically shaped seat. A hand-stitched leather cushion can be added to amplify both comfort and luxury.

Mantis Lounge Chair Dimensions: 27 1/2″ W x 23 5/8″ D x 27 3/8″ H | SH: 14 7/8″ | AH: 23 1/8″
Item Number: CB-250

Mantis Lounge Chair Cushion:
COM: 3/4 YD | COL: 13 1/2 SQ FT
Item Number: CB-206

Wood: Solid Oak, Solid Walnut
Finish: Ebonized Black Lacquer on Oak, Raw Effect Lacquer on Oak, Hand Rubbed Natural Oil on Oak or Walnut, or Hand Rubbed Black Oil on Walnut

MADE TO ORDER This item is made to order.
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