Meadow Bunting by Sharon Beals

United States

Emberiza cioides castaneiceps
Heilungkiang Province, China, collected in 1958
The California Academy of Sciences

A larger member of the sparrow-like Old World buntings, several sub-species of Meadow Buntings are found in parts of Asia and Russia. Seedeaters, they inhabit dry, open habitats such as scrub, farmland, grassland and open woodlands. The nest, built by the female alone, is a cup of rootlets and grasses, lined with finer materials like plant down or horsehair or feathers, usually concealed under grass or bushes.

Archival print on etching paper, framed
Framed with no borders (print to edge) and UV plexi glazing.

Dimensions: 61″W x 2″D x 62″H

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