Museum Bench by BassamFellows

United States

A fresh approach to the classic museum bench, BassamFellows’ version is a sophisticated hybrid, ingeniously constructed using two separate frames, one made in hand-worked brass and the other in solid wood. The inner brass frame buttresses the bench’s generous horizontal span, giving it balance and strength. Both frames are plainly visible to underscore the piece’s structural integrity and synthesis of natural material. As with all the solid wood elements, precisely keyed joinery details emphasize the luxury of craft. The design of the Museum Bench allows for multiple configurations. The outer wood frame can hold a seating cushion or tray, depending on the desired use.

Museum Bench (Full Cushion) Dimensions: 48″ W x 16 1/2″ D x 16 1/2″ H
Item Number: CB-31

Museum Bench Full Cushion Dimensions: 63 3/8″ W x 15 3/8″ D x 1 1/8″ H
COM: 2 YD | COL: 36 SQ FT
Item Number: CB-301A

Museum Bench (2/3 Cushion and a Removable CB-12 Tray) Dimensions: 66 3/8″ W x 16 1/2″ D x 16 1/2″ H
Item Number: CB-31B

Museum Bench 2/3 Cushion Dimensions: 43 1/2″ W x 15 3/8″ D x 1 1/8″ H
COM: 1 1/2 YD | COL: 27 SQ FT
Item Number: CB-301B

Wood: Solid Ash, Solid Oak, Solid Walnut
Finish: Ebonized Black Lacquer on Ash or Bleached, White Pigment, Matte Acrylic on Ash, Raw Effect Lacquer on Oak, Hand Rubbed Penetrating Polyurethane on Oak or Walnut

Upholstery: Foam with edge banding. Single topstitch detail
Fabrication: Carved, solid wood frame with oxidized brass inner frame

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