Prometheus I Pendant by Christopher Boots


Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Mt Olympus and gave it to humankind. More than the means for survival- light and technology, Prometheus’ gift represented creative potential. The spark of creation, previously limited to the Gods, gave mortals the power to dream, to create, to imagine and challenge.

PROMETHEUS I is an ascending blaze of crystal quartz, venerating its namesake
in a ring of flame. PROMETHEUS I embodies the Christopher Boots rough-luxe aesthetic and is considered a contemporary classic.

450 Dimensions: 17.7″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.450

600 Dimensions: 23.6″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.600

900 Dimensions: 35.4″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.900

1200 Dimensions: 47.2″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.1200

1500 Dimensions: 59″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.1500

1800 Dimensions: 70.9″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.1800

2100 Dimensions: 82.7″ Dia. x 3.9″ H
Item Number: LC-CBOOTS-P1.2100

Finish Options: Aged Brass | Brushed Brass | Hand Rubbed Brass | Dark Bronze | Mottled Patina | Brushed Stainless Steel | Verdigris | Polished Brass | Polished Stainless Steel | Copper Leaf | Silver Leaf | Gold Leaf
Quartz Options: Clear Quartz | Gradient Quartz | Smoky Quartz

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